Culbreth PTSA

Culbreth Middle School PTSA Grocery Card Program, the PTSA’s easiest fundraiser, made over $10,800 for Culbreth last year!!

When you buy gift cards to local grocery stores through this program, the grocery store GIVES our PTSA 5-15% of the purchase price. It takes very little effort on your part and there is no additional expense to you! What could be easier? It’s too simple not to give it a try! And it’s FREE money for Culbreth! 

Who? Anyone who buys groceries – get your friends and families involved, too.

What? Gift cards from Whole Foods, Lowes Foods, Food Lion, Weaver Street Market.

How?  Fill out the order form on this page or email your order to us at

When? One-time orders or monthly standing orders. We will let you know order due dates and distribution dates.

Where? Meet us at Culbreth once a month during morning drop-off or arrange delivery to your home. We will collect your check when you receive your grocery card.

WHOLE FOODS-Whole Foods gives us 10% back on all orders during a limited time each year, usually October-December. For every $100 you spend, Whole Foods donates $10 to our PTSA (amazing!). 

LOWES FOODS & FOOD LION- Lowes Foods gives us 6% back on all orders.

WEAVER STREET MARKET-is the easiest one of all! Go directly to Weaver Street, purchase your gift card in any amount and let them know to link it to Culbreth PTSA. Your card is reloadable in the store whenever you want to add to it.

We will email you to confirm your order and once we have received it. Please contact us at if you have ANY questions. Thank you!

Christina Heilig, and Carole Labrum (your grocery card committee)